Haelan 951 & Breast Cancer

What is Haelan?

Haelan 951 Organic Fermented Soy BeverageHaelan is a fermented soybean beverage that is manufactured from whole, non-genetically modified soybeans. The production process involves a proprietary microbial fermentation process that breaks down the beneficial soybean nutrients into bio-available compounds that are able to be assimilated into the blood and tissues resulting in health benefits at a cellular level. These benefits include DNA repair mechanisms. The DNA repair process is not achieved by the naturally occurring large clusters of proteins and phytochemicals. Haelan’s development has been refined with over 20 years of experience by eminent scientists who feel they have achieved a food product that offers multiple and diverse beneficial biological effects and superior health benefits.

Who is eligible to take Haelan? What types of people consume Haelan 951? Who should not take the product?

Haelan fermented soy beverages are classified as “food” by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It has been used by both healthy and sick children and adults. People who are allergic to soy should take Haelan with precaution. Although, Haelan’s characteristics are “anti-allergy”, people who have prior allergies to soy should take precautions with Haelan’s products. Most people are allergic to compounds and impurities that are found in unfermented soy products. Haelan’s processing removes most of the sugars, carbohydrates, and impurities that cause allergies in people. Allergies to Haelan, when found, are generally skin itching or skin irritation that is usually found to be detoxification.

One reported case of skin detoxification after consuming Haelan involved a husband and wife who were sick for more than three years. After both the husband and wife consumed Haelan’s fermented soy beverages they experienced liquids being excreted from their lips and from the top of their heads. When the liquids were examined they were found to be pesticides. It was then determined that the pesticides had been the source of their health problems. They worked in a plant nursery where pesticides were used routinely. Their “allergic reaction” was skin detoxification resulting from the body’s efforts to heal from within by expelling the contaminants.

I. PREGNANCY: Can pregnant women use Haelan 951?

Regina Chorsky, M.D., Forensic Pathologist, has experience with a pregnant patient diagnosed with breast cancer. The patient had a lumpectomy and used Haelan in lieu of chemotherapy in order to protect the fetus, which would have been killed by chemotherapy treatments. The patient became cancer free and a healthy baby girl was born.

With regards to this subject, a recent conference in Chicago addressed the issue of fetal development and the potential influence of high levels of soy isoflavones in pregnant women. The thinking is this: The first six months of fetal development has extremely high levels of estrogen in girl babies. The first six months of fetal development has extremely high levels of testosterone in boy babies. During this time the genitals are formed. Later the levels of estrogen in girl babies drops down to lower levels, and the high levels of testosterone decreases in the male fetus. After six months there is no safety issue involving pregnant women and the consumption of soy foods or supplements because the genitals in both females and males are completely formed at the end of the six months.

In addition to the preceding technical discussions, it was brought out that there have not been any problems experienced in China or Japan with women consuming high levels of soy phytoestrogens during pregnancy. At the time of this scientific presentation, it was not established what the upper level of soy isoflavones was before toxicity to the liver or kidneys developed. It was thought that 1,000 mg of soy isoflavones might be toxic to the liver and kidneys. However, a later scientific study showed there was no toxicity with levels of genistein at 2,000 mg per kilogram of weight in a toxicity study with rats. This study ended the critical question on what was a “high dose” of soy isoflavones and how much could be consumed without damage to the liver or kidneys.

Researched Conclusion: Pregnant women who are going to have girl babies can take Haelan 951 at any stage of the pregnancy. The soy phytoestrogens are insignificant in this case because the estrogenic effect of the high levels of estrogen that is present in pregnant women having girl babies is much greater. Pregnant women having male babies should not take Haelan 951 during the first six months of pregnancy. Although there are no problems reported from China and Japan on pregnant women consuming soy foods it is best to be cautious on this until after six months of pregnancy to make sure the genitals of the male baby are fully developed as a result of the high levels of testosterone existing in pregnant women having male babies during the first six months of pregnancy.

If a woman is pregnant and having twins, triplets, etc. which can result in both male and female babies being born — it is best to delay consumption of Haelan 951 until after six months has elapsed to make sure the genitals of the fetus are developed prior to consumption of any foods or supplements containing phytoestrogens.

2. BREAST FEEDING: If women do breast feeding, can they use Haelan 951?

Yes, women who are breast feeding infants can use Haelan 951. Millions of infants have been fed soy based infant formulas in the United States for more than forty years and in spite of discussions on this matter there have been no positive indications linking soy formulas to problems in infants. Again, Japanese and Chinese women consume high levels of soy phytoestrogens while breast feeding infants without any reported problems. Certainly infant soy formulas would pose a much greater risk, if any, to an infant’s health than a woman consuming Haelan 951 and breastfeeding the child.

3. CHILDREN: Can children use Haelan? If so, what is the minimum age?

Yes, children can consume Haelan 951. Dr. Jane Lu, in a study at the University of Texas Medical School, Galveston, Texas showed that healthy women who consumed the “whole soy” (like Haelan), not genistein or other isolated soy phytoestrogens, the total circulating estrogens were reduced 30-40%. Japanese studies show 25% reduction in total circulating estrogens in the healthy Japanese women. In a study with 303 healthy people taking Haelan, it was shown that the Haelan balances testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women.

There was a study performed with Children 6 months old to age 11 using Haelan as hospital nutrition. The results of this study showed that the Haelan consumption group had more muscle mass and less fat than the control group not using the Haelan. A copy of this study is available on this website.

4. SIDE EFFECTS: What possible side effects are known by taking Haelan?

There are no adverse side effects experienced by healthy or in non-transplanted recipient sick people. Liver detoxification in the form of diarrhea is often reported immediately after first consumption of Haelan but these symptoms disappear as the liver is cleaned up. Worms, bugs and parasites are often excreted with fecal matter in the patient having these conditions.

Transplant Recipients:
Because Haelan’s fermented soy beverages increase immune function, a person who has had a liver, kidney, or other organ transplant may have problems with consumption of Haelan. Organ transplant recipients are normally on immune suppression drugs for several years following their organ transplant procedure to block rejection of the transplanted organ by the person’s immune system. A person having received an organ transplant and not receiving immune depressing drugs may consume Haelan but caution should be taken to make sure there is no adverse immune response to the donated organ.

5.OTHER CONTRA-INDICATIONS: If there are counter-indications, which are they?

All known contra-indication involved with the consumption of Haelan’s fermented soy beverages are listed above.

The benefits from taking Haelan 951 are many. There are studies on liver, liver function, liver support, reducing carcinogens in the liver, lung, emphysema, silicosis, asbestosis, an anti-aging study with 303 healthy people, a study with 318 cancer patients taking Haelan in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation, leucopenia (low white blood cells induced by chemotherapy), various cancer cell line studies. In addition, there are other studies, including but not limited to a study with Haelan used with infants and children as hospital nutrition.

Recent studies include gene expression measurements to show improvements in chemotherapy treatments in combination with Haelan. These studies show Haelan improves breast cancer cell killing by Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) in combination with Haelan. This is a result of Haelan’s ability to increase gene expression in the pro-apoptosis gene (BAX) and reduces gene expression in the anti-apoptosis gene (BCL2). In addition, Haelan reduced the Multi-Drug Resistance gene (MDR1) expression. The results of this research study shows Haelan, in combination with the chemotherapy, achieved the same cancer cell kill with .5% (by volume) chemotherapy as was produced with a 2.5% (by volume) chemotherapy treatment. This study supports the position of using a series of low dose chemotherapy treatments combined with Haelan’s fermented soy beverages to reduce the toxic side effects of the chemotherapy treatments, reduce the multi-drug resistance of the stronger chemotherapy treatments and prevent cancer cell mutations induced by the stronger chemotherapy treatments. A copy of the original report in its entirety is available on this website.

A brief summary of people who have benefited from the consumption of Haelan’s fermented soy beverages follows.


Healthy People:
An anti-aging study performed over a period of four months with 303 healthy people, ages 50-69 years, showed the following results:

Increased brain function
Increased immune CD3 and CD4 cells
Improved ratio between the CD4 and CD8 cells
Increased production of interferons and interlukens
Increased volumetric lung function
Increased cytotoxic effects of the NK killer immune cells
Increased volumetric pumping capacity of the heart
Balanced levels of testosterone and estradiol sex hormones in men and women
Increased cellular levels of zinc, copper, and manganese super-oxide dismutase antioxidant enzymes

Note: In animal studies Haelan increased Non-specific immunity 700% and controlled 72% of malaria parasites.

The characteristics of Haelan’s fermented soy beverages derived from the whole soybeans are defined as being:

Anti-inflammatory Vasodilator

People With Cancer, Immune, Auto-immune, and Assimilatory Problems:
The largest group of people benefiting from the use of Haelan’s fermented soy beverages are cancer patients. Studies show that 40-80% of advanced cancer patients die from cachexia, which is commonly referred to as “protein-calorie malnutrition”.

A study with 318 cancer patients, 276 taking chemotherapy and the balance radiation treatments, shows that Haelan’s fermented soy beverages protect the cancer patient from the toxic side effects of the chemotherapy treatments. None of the people in the study had to have a transfusion, none of the participants had to discontinue a course of treatment and the side effects of the chemotherapy treatments were minimal.

An article was printed in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients in the November, 2004 issue titled “Soy and Cancer Survivors: Dietary Supplementation with Fermented Soy Nutraceutical, Haelan 951 in Patients Who Survived Terminal Cancers” by Vijaya Nair, MD, FAMS, MS. The cases presented in this article were submitted as part of the National Cancer Institute’s Best Case Series Program. The Best Case Series focuses on documented case reports of patients diagnosed with cancers who have shown significant improvements in their clinical conditions using complementary ad alternative supplements as mainstay treatment. The complete article is available on this website.

Haelan’s fermented soy beverages have evolved with over 20 years of research investigating the health benefits of these fermented soy beverages. Initially this work involved input from nutritionists, fermentation experts, microbiologists, oncologists, University Professors and thousands of patients in Chinese hospitals being treated for various conditions. Over the years the work expanded to include input from doctors, nutritionists, oncologists, pathologists, scientists, and researchers working at Hospitals, Clinics, Universities and Medical Schools, in the United States and Europe.

Research undertaken and funded by the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health, Haelan Products, Inc., Haelan Research Foundation, and other Public Foundations has greatly increased the understanding of the complex soy matrix and the potential health benefits that can be derived by the mechanisms of action and metabolic pathways improved by these soy compounds.

There are more than 9,000 studies performed since 1991 on the whole soybean or components within soybeans. Much has been learned from these studies. Studies are being conducted to use this knowledge to lengthen the lifespan and improve the quality of life of the cancer patients. In addition, one of the goals of Haelan Research Foundation is to produce healthier people through better dietary regimens. The results will be fewer illnesses, reduced surgical and medical procedures and less dependence on drugs and their adverse side effects. Foods are medicines and may be the best medicine for a large section of the population.

Disclaimer: Any information contained herein is given for educational purposes and not for the purpose of medical advice to be used in the prevention, treatment or diagnosis of a disease.

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