Can We Really Be Healthier Living With Cancer?

By Adrea Brier, CNHP, CLC, JSJ

Solving the Puzzle of Maximizing the Immune System

I have conquered multiple personal cancers. I am here and I am healthy. I have been on this challenging health journey a few times, forging my own path to maximize my immune system. It IS possible to address cancer without seriously damaging an already challenged immune system.

Cancer is not who we are. It is a transitory episode in our lives, a health challenge. It comes, it can go and it may come again.

Two very important questions are: “How do we maximize our immune system’s abilities so we can live quality healthy lives, no matter how many times cancer appears?”

“How do we remove the interferences from our bodies, so our cells can communicate and our bodies can continually gently detoxify and regenerate?”

That is the puzzle to solve: to be healthier living with—and beyond—cancer.

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Conquering Cancer
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