When we are in a state of strong emotional upset and crying, the tendency is to hold one’s breath and “lock in” the emotions.

That “lock down”  stresses the body, increases harmful stress hormones and taxes the body, mind and emotions further. We know how harmful stress is.   In less than 30 seconds it is possible to move the emotions so they don’t “lock in”, as I like to say, to the cells and molecules of our bodies.

It is so important to release those emotions and perform a conscious breath sequence.  It truly takes no time and my clients are provided a 30 second visualization that releases the emotion and removes the stress from the body.

These are powerful tools to support our health and our relationships.  Be conscious and support yourself when it’s easy.   You are the only one who knows what you are feeling.  Gift yourself your state of being conscious of how you feel.  Take a few seconds regularly to deeply breathe and support your life and health.