This was played at the exceptional health and healing retreat from which I just returned.
The music and words support the comfort and ease of “just letting go” with his statements:
like a “glass of muddy water, if you stop stirring it, the dirt will slowly settle….
and the turbulence of thought and emotions naturally settle”.

Yet another reminder of this reality from Vipassana meditation:
the pain moves as we breathe and with a little time, so does the
“monkey mind” relax when we pay it “no mind”.

This is a reminder also of the “law of attraction”:
what we pay attention to persists, so choose wisely.
If the thought doesn’t feel good, change the thought immediately to be what you want.
If it isn’t reality in this moment, it could be reality in the next moment.
The natural laws of energy, of frequency, is that “like attracts like”.
Don’t judge it or yourself. Gently, without effort, choose what you want to happen.

Enjoy and with gratitude,